Strawbeery Granita

So, I’m no mixologist or anything, but I do like to drink. And have fun with my drinks! This post will be the first of drink recipes I post!

Granitas are like slushies, but for grown-ups! What could be more fun than that? You can throw pretty much anything into them, so long as you have a blender.

For this granita, all you need is Strawberry Harvest Abita and a handful of fresh strawberries.  Mix them together in a blender until well combined.  Then pour the mixture into an 8×8 baking dish and put the dish in the freezer.  Ice will begin to form from the edges into the center, every 10 minutes or so scrape the ice off the edges and stir the liquid until just frozen, about 1 hour. Next time I may try it with a different beer, because this was a little too strawberry.  I think it would be great with a pale ale or IPA.

Serve and enjoy!