My name is Paige.  School is my main activity, but food is my hobby, and I am thrilled to share it with the world through this blog!

Some of the recipes I share will be my own, some from family or friends, and others from other blogs I have found; but no matter where they come from, they are all delicious!  I would like to say they are also good for my body and the environment.  I try to use all organic ingredients, and as many local ingredients as I can.  I am lucky to live in a city where these options are available to me and do my best to always take advantage of them because it’s not just good for me, it is good for the world!

Being a full time college student and working part time, it is sometimes very hard to find time in the kitchen, but it is important to me so I make time for it.  It would be much easier to buy pre-made dinners and cookie doughs, but that would be nowhere near as fun as making as much as I can from scratch!  However, occasionally I will feature box mixes or pre-made items that I think are the greatest in a pinch or that I’ve put my own twist on.  I will try to post as often as possible, but the actual food comes first!  Enjoy!


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