A Belated Birthday Thank You

It has now been twelve days since my twenty-first birthday and I have yet to write real thank you notes or this public thank you to all of my loved ones who yet again showed me just how loved I am!

Thank you to my boyfriend, Matt, for brewing a batch of beer just for me!  He may think it is too fruity but it is just what I wanted!  Everyone can learn more about it at mAltintel.

Thank you to my dad, who got me a cake carrier and wire cooling racks so I can now treat my baked goods properly when they exit the oven.  He also gave me a fabric steamer so I never have to iron again (the bane of my existence!!).

Thank you to my sister, who was a proper bad influence and mailed me a shot glass, single shot of Patron silver, a lime, and a plastic knife to ensure that I would do a birthday shot.  She also sent me beautiful engraved wooden spoons, one of which you can catch a glimpse of in my birthday cake post.

Thank you to my brother who gave me a beautiful purple picture frame which I will be filling with a photo of us from his prom day, as we were both appropriately wearing purple!

Thank you to my Aunt Mary Jo, (who actually I am thanking for the Easter gift she sent me)- an adorable set of rabbit napkin ring holders that were my grandmothers.  Someday I will host an Easter brunch with pretty napkins and use them proudly.

Thank you to the Leahy family who sent me a new bunt pan to replace my crappy one, such a thoughtful gift from a family I am so happy to think of as my own and to have grown up with in my life.

Thank you to my many relatives who sent cards and money, so I can now fuel my expensive cooking and baking habit even more.

And, as usual, an enormous thank you to my mom.  She is a beautiful, generous, inspiring, and thoughtful woman who showered me with gifts from kitchen heaven, William Sonoma, including, but not limited to, a Breville personal pie maker, recipe books, cute cupcake papers, an epically awesome icing gun (which looks like a weapon from outer space), and a mermaid bottle-opener (after all I did turn 21).

Keep your eyes peeled for glimpses of many of these gifts in future posts!!

This post does not suffice to express how thankful and grateful I truly am to all of these people.  As I use all of these gifts over the years I will think of you all and my heart will grow warm and tears will come to my eyes, because I know I am lucky, and I am happy to have such wonderful people who care so dearly for me, and encourage me to keep doing what I do.  I had a wonderful birthday, and I have all of you to thank for being such a wonderful part of it and of my life!

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