I am thankful, lucky, and loved.

My entire life I have been fortunate enough to have merry and generous Christmases, year after year.  The greatest Christmas was 10 years ago when I was given my pet cat, and this year was just as special, but in a different way.

This year I asked for kitchen and baking items that would be both pretty and practical, and my wonderful family more than came through.  I take a lot of pride in giving good gifts, but this year everyone beat me at my own game.

Thank you to my wonderful mom who got me a KitchenAid stand mixer.  It is not only beautiful, but it is a heavy duty machine that I never dreamed I would own so early on in life, but thanks to mom I do, and my baking will be easier and better!  I hope to collect various attachments over the year, the first on my list is the ice cream maker, and to eventually make anything and everything with my amazing new mixer!!  I have been calling it “My Machine” which will likely stick and become its life-long nickname.  This was such a generous and exciting gift to receive, but it makes sense to come from the person who has inspired my love for baking.

Thank you to my awesome Dad who diligently monitors Woot! on a daily basis, where he found a great Pyrex Bakeware set which was then shipped, wrapped, and placed under the tree for me.  Pyrex is amazing and an incredible upgrade from the horrible old pans I have been using that burn everything and are odd shapes, and I am thrilled to use this set.

Thank you to my big sister whose creativity is unchallenged for a new set of home-made place-mats to make my kitchen table more hilarious and aesthetically appealing, as well as my new measuring cups which have feet, a tail, and a cat face/head on them! These could not be more appropriate for my kitchen in any possible way.

Thank you to my little brother who is secretly a total sweetheart for a beautifully wrapped perfectly appropriate Christmas gift- a gingerbread cookie mix, gingerbread man cookie cutter, gingerbread man rubber spatula as well as mini holiday spatulas from Williams Sonoma where he works.  Williams Sonoma stuff is great quality and these new holiday items will probably last more Christmases than me!  We made the gingerbread men on Christmas night for dessert (watch for post about this) and they were delicious and he enjoyed a few of them which couldn’t have made me happier.

Thank you from my boyfriend and I to our next door neighbor who surprised us with a gift that had my name written all over it- cat salt and pepper shakers.  These things are freaking adorable and useful, and just by chance happen to match my new cat measuring cups.  Amazing!!

Thank you to my various relatives and boyfriend’s family who were all very generous and thoughtful as well.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to my boyfriend, my best friend and biggest fan for a new purple laptop case (which I have wanted for three years), and a Nintendo 3DS so that I can have fun outside of the kitchen too!

I hope you all also had a great holiday, and I am sorry this post is photo-less, I am too tired to do that much work but wanted to get this up while it is still relevant.  You will surely be seeing all of my new kitchen items in future posts!


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